Ron Howard is the executive producer and also the un-credited narrator. Since it was aired on Fox in the year 2003, the series has received a wide and critical approval with six Primetime Emmy Awards as well as one Golden Globe Award. This has made it simply one of the best ever with a lot of fan based sites. In the year 2007, Time Magazine listed Arrested Development amongst its ‘All Time 100 TV Shows’ and it has also received other accolades. Although it had so many awards, it received very low ratings and views on Fox and this is was led to it being cancelled in the year 2006. However, there were rumors of extra seasons and also a feature that was anticipated until 2011 and by then Netflix has agreed to license brand new episodes of the series and distribute them solely on their streaming video service. This is the easiest way to watch Arrested Development online on netflix.
These episodes were held but released in the year 2013. The discussions that set off to the creation of this sitcom started in 2002. Ron Howard had the main idea to create this comedy sitcom in the handheld camera style but with a detailed script. It took him a while but he was able to get the right people together to make it a reality.
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So you are an aspiring song writer and you kinda know how to play guitar, but now you want to learn how to write a song.  You are going to have to start learning about guitar chord progressions.

So what are they?  It’s pretty simple.  Every song has a musical flavor that’s it’s played in.  It’s called the key of the song.  Some songs are in the key of Aminor (a very sad song), while other songs are in the key of C Major (think Mary Poppins song “Doh A Deer A Female Deer – Ray A Pocket Full of Sun, Me – A Name I Call Myself, Fah – A long long way to run, etc.)  Do Rae Mi Fah So La Tee Doh.  Those are the notes in the key of C Major and what every single high school music student learns first.  The C Major Scale.

Don’t confuse scales with progressions however, as they are completely different things.

The chord progression is the entire set of chords that are available to the song writer to use, in order to stay in the desired key.  There is no limit of options available in any key and any set of progressions which is what makes song writing both so unique and also so hard!  Sometimes having too many choices can paralyze some people from making a decision.

However, those who have mastered playing many many chords, have a huge tool palate to choose from thus can create beautiful and unique music, like Mozart or Beethoven!

So learning to write a song can look like this, first know how to play a lot of chords, second know which key you would like to write a song in (this chord progressions chart) can help, and finally know which of the chords in that key are available for you to use to craft your tune!

So now you can pick the mood of the song, and then simply write using the key and chords that match that mood!  Add your lyrics and you have a new song!

Being very different in our ways and lifestyle as human beings are, we try to do the same things in different ways based on how it suits us. Our lives mostly have to do with the choices that we make and how we decide to live as well as go about our daily tasks and duties. Where the food we eat is concerned, we mostly take up different dieting plans to aid us and our bodies to get the strength we normally will not have in order to work well. However, when we are eating foods to increase our energy, it is important for us to eat specific foods.

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All over the world, it is well known that eating more vegetables is great for giving us so much strength and energy. Also, eating more vegetables help to make us look and feel better especially with the way our hair and skin look. Also, we eat meat for protein which gives us the right nutrients to make our brains and muscles very strong. When we have the right balance between the kinds of foods that we eat, our body always stays strong and looks better by the day. The truth about cooked food is that, a lot of the vitamins and nutrients disappear even before we eat them and this is why eating raw foods is considered the better alternative always.

So, if you hate eating raw foods but want to eat foods to increase your energy, you can eat to stay strong and also to stay healthy by eating more raw foods. This means, you will need to eat more raw vegetables and also fruits. When you cook vegetables, a lot of the vitamins and nutrients it offers evaporate through the air. However, not all foods need to be eaten raw like meat and fish. This is why there is the need for us to be very cautious what to eat. There are so many diets plans that do not fall in line with the right system of health for the body. This is why you need to be very careful in all you do. We eat to stay strong but many people eat because they feel like eating. It is not every time that one needs to eat anything they crave for.

When you eat everything you crave for, you will always have problems with your health. There are some cravings that should not be paid attention to. Make sure you always have a time table and also try as much as possible to live healthy. Also, try as much to add exercises into your daily diet plans to make sure you do not gain weight and also to keep your heart in the best condition at all times.