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Lanius CMS supports this highly compatible database helps to meet various needs like compliance and security.

Gladius DB

Lanius CMS allows you to use this highly efficient DDoS protection service and PHP Blockchain-Powered CDN.


By using this Lanius CMS supported relational database management system with its various features, you can meet all your needs.


Another quick and scalable relational database server supported by Lanius CMS that can save you a lot of time.


Lanius CMS supports the 64 bit version of PostgreSQL which is fully ACID compliant.

Mini SQL

This lightweight database management system is necessary for any enterprise in the modern-day and is fully supported by Lanius CMS.

Lanius CMS v0.5.1

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date and keeping relevant better than anyone. If you want to thrive as an enterprise or data house, go with the Lanius CMS VO.5.1

Major Stabilization And Feature Upgrade Of V0.5.0

PHP Based Dynamic Web Authoring And Content Management System

Our light-weight PHP dynamic web authoring and content management system can support any database system and provide excellent speed, security and customization.

Works on any PHP4/PHP5

Embedded flatfile database (Gladius DB) Many Features

Addons along with Backup Support

Meet Our Team

Here are our team of experts who have made it all happen with their genius and skills.

George Miller

Richard Miranda

Mark Huerta

Using The Gladius Db Flat File Database


For enterprise-level database functionality, you will need this compliant relational database management system


This server developed by Microsoft is essential for security, reliability and efficient data analysis


Known as the most widely deployed database in the world, this relational database management system is immensely resourceful.


SYBASE is used by many enterprises and agencies as it provides a secure database and is easy to use.

Lanius CMS Is Free, Open, And Available

Use this free and easy-to-use CMS to simplify your workflow, ensure optimum security and increase the pace of your business processes and functions.

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Simone Thomas

“Lanius CMS has allowed us to spread our wings and grow in a short span of time. We have seen great customer engagement and response ever since we integrated this CMS into our business. I am very pleased with what it has done for this business.“

Simone Thomas

William Pacheco

“Lanius CMS helped my business greatly. The timely solutions and data ensured better business performance in the market. I highly recommend this CMS for its accurate data reports.”

William Pacheco